Nylabone Propaganda

When I got my first dog, I remember reading some book that in retrospect, was probably put out by Nylabone. They were filled with lots of other information, but then all of a sudden, the benefits of Nylabones would be scientifically explained for a full forty pages. With full color pictures of the range of Nylabone products on the market.

So I dutifully bought a Nylabone, only to realize two dogs later that Nylabones were pretty much ignored, while cow hooves and pig ears were much more acceptable.

Suzie’s prize cow hoof gave off a rank smell that put off everyone. She was an austrailian cattle dog, so maybe that’s why she loved them so.

Now I’m looking at dog books again, and I find the same Nylabone propaganda is out there. I’ve yet to hear of a dog who actually likes their Nylabone. Maybe Mrs. Goulet’s dog likes Nylabones.

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