Snow Legs

Not snow crab legs. I mean trudging through ice and snowbanks on wobbly legs with muscles I haven’t used for ages since it rarely ever snows in Vancouver. I had a ridiculously long walk home from work because I got on the number 6 instead of the number 6A. Rode it up past my old high school (hello Aden Bowman!), got off at what I thought was the curling rink but in fact was an old age home (I swear the building looked the same!). Walked blocks and blocks in moderately cold temperatures, my calves aching. Then all I had energy to make for dinner was beans and weiners.

Good thing I had my ipod with me to keep me company.

My ipod advice for the day:
If you’re a Mac user and you’re looking for a good copy program to get your files off of your ipod onto your computer (because Itunes won’t let you do this), the best free program out there is Senuti.

Apparently two of my boxes went missing in the move, and I am hoping to god it’s not the one with the dildos or the two hundred dollar whip. I’m not really going to know WHAT’s missing until I unpack everything, maybe there isn’t even anything missing at all, just some stickers fell off. I’ve looked over my boxes and while I thought I knew what they look like, I honestly can’t remember. Oh, I hope it’s not the chip box filled with shoes and boots, because some of those are like, at least 600 bucks worth of fluvogs. I have all my porn comix, because I lent them to Velveeta and she gave them back just before I left.

Yeah, that whole last paragraph was just a weird display of my skewed priorities. I mean, it could be a couple boxes of expensive academic books, and that would break my heart too.

If it was some dishes I wouldn’t mind.

If my top hat’s missing I’ll cry.

Some jerk kept trying to get me to sell him my top hat. Fuck off!! It’s MY TOP HAT! I mean, how many places can you get a top hat these days?

Tomorrow I get to price Time Base Correctors and racks, I like my job.

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