Fuckin’ Epson

I’ve wasted a goodly amount of new ink trying to get the printer to work. Now I find out after googling that Epson Stylus CX5400 is NOTORIOUS for fucking up with clogged ink after three cartridge changes. This means: 1. They make more money off ink by wasting it. 2. They make more money by charging ridiculous prices to “repair” the printer. Luckily this can all be solved by a very involved cleaning (NOT “head cleaning,” I mean actually taking the thing apart and using citrus clean and a wire in the hose). Head cleaning has so far done ABSOLUTELY nothing to get the printer to print, in fact it is making it worse. All this and I have a deadline coming up to submit my screenplay to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. Which means I probably will end up going over to my mom’s to print after all. So the point is, don’t buy Epson. Do research before you purchase a printer so you don’t end up with a pathetic lemon like mine.

Heavy sigh.

I got Schrodinger a huge cat “tree” today. Basically it’s a two level carpeted cat gym with a small box with round doors on the bottom. a sisal scratching post and ramp to the second floor, where a round cat bed is perched. The legs are also covered with sisal and there are SIX (kinda ridiculous) rattley balls dangling from more sisal rope. I thought he would need it so he can hide from Jago, cause I know he’ll be kinda pissed at me and especially at the dog. The surprising thing is that it only cost about 55 bucks. The funny thing is he’s nearly the same color as it.

Anyway, cripes, I gotta get to bed.

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