Hands up all the queer girls who are ogling the Pepsi commercial

Last year around this time I wrote about Parker Posey’s sexiest moment as the bitchy senior who sprays the freshmen girls down with condiments. Now I add her latest achievement, the Pepsi commercial. I would never call Pepsi commercials an achievement normally, but she is so freakin’ cute in it. Someone said she looked dorky, I guess she makes dorky kinda hot though.

I’ve gotten hooked to the freakin’ ad, and everytime I hear the jingle I drop whatever I’m doing and stand slack jawed in front of the television set drooling. And apparently I’m not the only one.

In honour of Parker Posey day (which I have just made up), here is a series of links. If you’re a Parker Posey fan, you might find some of the links probative.

The commercial in it’s entirety Although it sucks that Parker Posey doesn’t come in until later, it does show some new Parker Posey Pepsi footage, oo la la. Including someone shoving her! That makes two terrible things to befall our heroine in one ad, the second being when that idiot man throws her up into the air and she doesn’t come back. It would have been cooler if it ended with her booting him in the groin and taking his wallet. Any other suggested alternative endings, please post them in the comments section.

If you have not heard of Parker Posey you have obviously been living under a rock. But there’s the Wikipedia entry for her.

At my graduation screening I was in the middle of a mixed episode, and screamed out to the audience “Hey! This isn’t Josie and the Pussycats!”

An old friend who lived in the same crack neighborhood as I saw Parker Posey in our neighborhood park where the crack dealers hung out. And maybe you’re thinking “Oh no, she was probably doing something more innocuous and movie star-ish like cocaine or marijuana,” but believe me, all they sell there is crack. The only other thing people go to that neighborhood for is to visit the art centres. Drug trade, art, due to economic circumstances the two seem to go together. Who knows, maybe Parker Posey was just hanging out in a scary neighborhood. She didn’t dance down the street or anything wild.

On a googling expedition I discovered this lovely stanza under the promising title “Parker Posey cum”:
Parker Posey cum
Parker Posey lesbian
u several in they’re etc.
ours eg nor j.
with has where’s
latter masturbation had becoming
except end otherwise k co her
Parker Posey ..

Happy Parker Posey Day!

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  1. Oh my god, Thirza, I know you’ve been feeling like crap, but pas de question you’re on fire in the humour department! Thanks for importing the photo of Posey dangling from a crane.

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