It’s HOT here in Vancouver, as in beads of sweat are running down my face, as in I want to pass out. It’s been an interesting trip, full of, strangeness. I got to see a room of sweaty lesbians last night, which was really nice. I’ve been to the ocean, to various little happenings. I saw the totem pole which had been repatriated by the Haisla. David Sukuzi was there for the ceremony, he got the biggest applause. It’s perfect beach weather, and it would probably be cooler at the beach, but I’m now running out of money and can’t even go. Life’s rough that way.

I REALLY miss Mister and Schrodinger, I get some reports on how they are doing. Mister is in Clicker Training for little dogs, and we still have to work on him ignoring bathroom rules, little doof. Everytime I see a little dog here (and there are a lot of them!) I miss my tiny pals. So far I haven’t seen a weiner dog as handsome and adorable as Mister. And I’m sure Schrodinger is getting bigger too, little goof. He’s got this really angular little face and such beautiful fur.

Either way, tomorrow night I will have my little friends with me again, and I’m looking forward to it.

I should really venture forth into the hot hot hot and find something else to kill the time. Arg, what can I do with a teeny amount of money in a big expensive city?

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