Ch ch ch changes!

Over the past few weeks I’ve been in a bit of a quandry as to what to do with my life. When Christopher died it really hit home the fact that we all have such a limited time here on earth, and our lives could end at any moment.

So . . . I had some debauched times, involving drinking, loads of pot, gambling, and my first trip to the horse track (I didn’t win anything). After that was done, I still didn’t feel any better about where my life was headed, especially after some splitting hangovers and watching money fly out of my wallet to the great capitalist unknown.

And some other things were bothering me too, besides not having a job and living with Mum again. Mum’s not bad, but it’s not exactly appealling to let cutie pies know you’re still in your parent’s house. Since being treated for bipolar disorder I’ve gained an excess of fifty pounds, most of it on my belly and rump. The first year the weight gain was so bad that I got massive stretch marks, which made me feel even worse. Lately I’ve discovered I can’t bend over to attend to things on the ground or I start having trouble breathing. I’m getting really fucking sick of being fat.

I went to the doctor today and said I wanted off Zyprexa. Zyprexa, my antipsychotic friend for the past three and a half years. Besides being one of THE major drugs that causes immense weight gain, it is also linked to causing diabetes, which I’m already predisposed to. So I got a prescription for Lamictal, and over the next few weeks will be doing the taper off/taper on dance. Lamictal has it’s own drawbacks, including a sometimes fatal skin rash. I never knew skin rashes could be fatal, but there ya go.

Not only that, but I’m going to try to stick to a sensible diet and exercise regime. Tonight I have to mow the lawn, but I’m also going to start going for half hour walks everyday.

My next health task is going to be quitting smoking. I really want to do it this time, especially since I haven’t had a sweetheart the entire time I’ve been a smoker. It’s blocking my womanly odors! But first thing is first.

I’m also in the process of getting together a demo reel to apply for jobs as an editor. I am a kick ass editor, in case you didn’t know. There was a rumour for a while that all of my early work was in camera, but only Bisexual Wannabe was in camera, the rest was edited together on various machines, some of them very archaic. Also my cousin and I have an idea for a television show that we’re going to try and get some development money for. I never thought I’d work in television, but I need a job, and it’s a fun project.

Aside from that, life is strange. I thought I would be moving back to Vancouver, but after visiting there for a week I decided not to. I don’t know where I would fit in, right now I’m seriously considering either Toronto or Winnipeg, although something tells me I should stay in Saskatoon for a while yet.

In other news, the general consensus among people I know here is that something BIG is about to happen, and not something nice either. I’m talking either a major terrorist attack or a natural disaster, and probably within a few months. I know, that’s the most vague prediction I’ve ever heard too, but something isn’t right in the world, there’s a weird energy and I can’t for the life of me put my finger on it. I googled End of the World predictions and nothing came up that looked remotely like what would happen. I don’t think it will be the end or anything though, just some very rough, very difficult times. And probably a lot of death.

But maybe we’re all wrong. Ya never know.

Either way, I want to get this spare tire of mine to roll away before the Big thing hits.

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