Needles, metal, cute girl, oh my!

I’d been planning for the last month and a half to get my lobes pierced when my artist fees came in. Mom started calling my late artist fees “Magic beans.” “You’re magic beans still aren’t here,” for about two weeks. Then after we came back from holidays, my Magic Beans arrived!!! And I . . . what did I do with them? I bought expensive cigarettes. I bought moderately priced cigarettes. I bought beer. I bought drugs. But I wanted something that would actually, you know, hang around for a while. So today I finally screwed up my courage and got my ears pierced, for the third time.

It might seem funny to all those who know my masochistic history to find out that getting pierced makes me nervous, especially since I’m bipolar and blood tests are a regular part of my life, and since I’ve done play piercing, and since I’ve taken a shot of testosterone right into my ass muscle (those needles are fuckin’ LONG!), and since I’ve had arm bands tattooed on both arms, one of the most PAINFUL tattoos to get. But yes, I still get nervous. In fact when I was paying for it my hand shook.

But the lady was really nice, and calming, and fast! She didn’t mess around with ylang ylang or counting down, she just had me take a deep breath and let it out when the needles went through. And even though I was nervous about having needles go through what is essentially scar tissue, it wasn’t too painful. It definitely didn’t hurt more than when I got my labia done. In fact, I think my body appreciated it a lot more than when I got my lobes gunned, it kind of felt good.

I also got to find out the price for Industrial piercings, which I want to get next. After that I’m going to get my hood redone, and then I think I am going to do a nipple.

I don’t have my labia piercing anymore. I don’t remember why I took it out, I just didn’t feel like having it anymore. Have you ever seen a photo of a woman with TONS of labia piercings? It starts looking like a shoe. Besides, it doesn’t add as much sensation as a hood piercing, although I hear for straight/bi dudes, a girl with labia piercings is hot hot hot in bed.

I hear tongue piercings are great for sex too, but I don’t like the idea of getting noodles stuck around it. And I dunno, at this point in my life I eat more noodles than have sex.

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