Today I started on my fourth rewrite. Before it was mostly changing bits and pieces, but this is a complete overhaul of the plot, involving a lot more tension and more focus on the main theme, as well as fleshing out roles for specific actors I want to cast. I wrote 18 pages, and I think I’ll be able to keep going at this pace for a week and then it will be done. After that, I’m going to have to get an outside opinion, some readings, and possibly tweaking it to make it more feasible within a low budget.

I’ve finally got an idea of who I want to play the main character, and THAT is really exciting because I’ve seen her work and she would be perfect in this role. I have a wish list for other characters as well. It’s good to finally be able to imagine what they will look like when they’re performing these roles.

I think this draft will be a lot heavier and darker, but the pace is also a lot better, and I think it will do a way better job of making it’s point.

Mostly, it’s just exciting. I want to make something so beautiful it will change the world. That’s why I started making films in the first place.

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