I got some pics of me at the photobooth today looking really cute. Came home to scan them only to remember my scanner is totally dismantalled. So . . . you’ll have to wait a bit to see them. I tried to look sexy, but I think I ended up looking goofy. Oh well.

And I found my Eminem for my porn video!!!! I’m terribly excited, we will be shooting in Toronto or Montreal hopefully next spring, if anyone has a mini DV camera and wants to watch two people get it on, let me know. Oh yeah, and I think I’m turning into a switch!!! I’ve been having some VERY toppy fantasies lately. It’s rather exciting, a whole new aspect of my sexual identity!! And my dear friend who’s gonna play Eminem might be the first person I top. EEEEEeeee!! I’m going to have to do some serious research, especially on butt fucking. I wish I had a person to practice on.

Anyway, I wanted to put on SOME pictures of myself on here, so I ripped off some pics from my Friendster account (which is why they are so teeny).

This is me when I was seven. I don’t look too impressed.

This is a publicity shot of me on my quasi metoric rise to obscure video artist fame. I think I look hella sexy, but most of my friends just laughed at me.

This is REALLY teeny tiny and is a still from Helpless Maiden Makes an “I” Statement. Yep, I really was totally naked for the entire shoot, but nary a nipple is seen.

This is a still from Anhedonia, the video that nearly killed me and definitely drove me to madness. Originally I envisioned covering the window with molasses and licking it off, but have you ever tasted molasses? Blerg!! So it was Hershey’s chocolate syrup in the end.

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