Queers Fucking Eminem

This image is straight from a gay porn blog, titled, erm, gaypornblog.com.

Okay, I was wondering if I was the only Queer who has an aggressive erotic fixation on Eminem. Apparently NOT!!! Tristan Taormino’s openly discussed making Eminem her bitch. “Does my urge make me as depraved as he’s supposed to be? (My bitch says, “I am whatever you say I am.”)”

The Pet Shop Boys wrote a song called “The Night I Fell in Love” about a boy doing it with a famous rapper who sounds suspiciously like Mr. Mathers.

And Canadian Gay Icon Scott Thompson did his own Queered version of Slim Shady’s Stan (which was already pretty queer). “Dear mister ‘I’m too hardcore to come out of the closet cause I don’t wanna lose my street-cred with the homies, but inside I’m just an nsync lovin little giiirl!’ I can no longer continue with this one sided relationship Marshal, and I have therefore decided that this is the last you will ever hear from me.”

Any other Queers have lurid Eminem fantasies?

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