Marshall McLuhan Moment

Just for fun I am posting one of my favorite links from Megan Morman’s site, The Canadian Art Gossip Generator. Everytime I see it it makes me laugh. For the full experience I recommend eating cheese and drinking cheap wine while visiting.

The Canadian Art Gossip Generator

I’ve been checking out who has been reading this blog (well, sort of, I only know where their isp is). So far I’ve seen visitors from Norway, Spain, Austrailia, New Zealand, Saudia Arabia, India, Japan, the UK, Germany, the Netherlands, America, Romania and Poland. So I tip my hats to you, international readers. It’s such a warm Marshall McLuhan Moment.

I’d also like to highlight a blog this week by Mukhtaran Bibi, a Pakistani woman who was sentenced by a tribal council to be gangraped for a crime her brother committed. This is her blog, this is part of her blog in english, and this is her wikipedia entry.

I’d also like to mention the fact that under our current Prime Minister, Canada now has a very clear target painted on our country. While before terrorists probably did consider Canada as a target, we were at least quasi uninvolved with the current crisis in the Middle East fueled by some oil hungry texas cowboy. But now that we’re in Afghanistan, we’re fucked. A lot of Canadians are really unhappy that we’re there, but I’ve also noticed an increase in yellow ribbons on trees and bumpers. Every other day some new dead Canadian shows up on the local paper who’s been killed in combat. Personally (and I know many other people who would agree), I’d rather see our armed forces working in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions globally, not contributing to escalating cycles of violence. And I know, one day a major terrorist attack is going to hit Canada. And I won’t be surprised, I won’t blame a whole nation/religion, I won’t ask why, if there is anyone to blame it’s our government for taking us into a war we shouldn’t be a part of. All I hope is that no one I love gets hurt. Hopefully in our next election we can get Stephen Harper out of office.

Stephen Harper’s a clown. The most bad ass Prime Minister we had post Trudeau was Jean Chretien. Yes, he put pepper on his plate, but he also fought off an assasin at 24 Sussex Drive with an Inuit sculpture on loan from the Art Bank.

Come on, First Nations Art saves the Prime Minister! That is an awesome headline.

Which brings me to more headlines I hope to see someday.

Rearview Dreamcatchers Deter Auto Theft

Recently Discovered Kinsey Report Says Aboriginals Make The Best Lovers

Natives Repatriate 24 Tonnes of Gold From Spain

Jim Morrison Found In Hiding On Pine Ridge Reservation

Native Land Claims Settlement For Manhattan, Rockerfellers Get Beads

I have my meds again, no brain shocks today!!! I feel much happier. I’m also juggling two scripts now, my big one and a shorter comedy titled Love Medicine Number Nine. I like it when I write and make myself laugh.

See ya later my global readers.

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