I heart Marcia Cross

Dudes, my damn blogs from Youtube have yet to come in. But I liked this shot of Marcia anyway so I wanted to share. I don’t have many/any crusholas in Saskatoon, except on the television.

Today was a good day to start my new job, I really like it, it’s interesting and cool to be working in a production office for a while, until I move over to the law office. I had a really hard time going to sleep last night, mostly because I have a cold and was coughing and coughing, bleah. I’m trying to get my shit together about grants and so forth, AND writing, AND nailing down my producer, and the possibility of going to Vancouver for a week this fall to do a shoot and edit for the porno if my star and I can get there at the same time.

Tomorrow Cree class starts!!!! I’m going to take my little tape recorder to my Grampa’s and have him say all the Cree words I’ll be learning so that I can pronounce them properly.

Time to go to bed. Night all.

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