A Glut of Youtubing

Okay, so for some reason my blogging from Youtube is crap these days and won’t work. So, I’m going to try something different. Here are my recent favorite videos, perfect for a lazy Saturday afternoon.

Kittycat Dance

I wish Schrodinger danced.

Telling Truth Gently

(BTW, North American Genocide towards First Nations People killed 150 000 000 of us.)

Red Bull Music

One man with a can.

Andrew Imitates Bree Van De Kamp Having an Orgasm

(but she actually never had one until Season 3 Episode 1)
The acrimonious relationship between uptight Bree and her gay son Andrew kicks butt, and he’s coming back!! Last we saw of him she left him on the side of a road after he slept with her boyfriend, rumour has it he’s been supporting himself as a hustler.

Parker Posey Desperately Seeks a Bumblebee

Classic scene from Best In Show, I’m embarrassed to say I too looked desperately for a particular dog squeaky toy, a pig to be exact. I made mom go to five different pet shops in town. No piggie, they got squeaky hamburgers instead.

Remember remember the Groove of November

Deanna introduced me to V for Vendetta and I have to say it kicks ass. But every anarchist/revolutionary needs some downtime, and this is V’s.

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