You won’t believe me anyway

I have always had a keen interest in the paranormal. Cryptozoology, UFO’s, inter dimensional beings, demonology, possessions, ghosts from residual hauntings to lost souls to poltergeists, life after death, basically if there is something unexplainable I’ll be into it. I spent years whiling away my insomnia listening to Coast to Coast AM and freaking the fuck out of myself. Highlights would include The Sounds of Hell, Bigfoot screams, and the sounds of an exorcism being performed.

I’ve also had some encounters with the paranormal, pretty much all ghosts. Some orb action, some poltergeists, and for some reason ghosts often knock for me to let them in. Freaks the fuck out of me. Although being manic depressive, I know most people discount things I experience. Fuck em. I’ll tell you anyway.

The most recent one was a few weeks ago. I was sitting at the computer at about 11:30 at night when I could hear something start knock on the window. I instantly got chills down my back and decided to ignore it. It kept knocking. I did not want to look at it, and the dog wasn’t around for me to do my check in re:hallucination. Knock again, and I glanced over my shoulder. I saw it for an instant and looked away because I did not want to know what it looked like. I’d been trying to rationalize it as a bird. It was big, about the size of a human head, and it was white. The sound wasn’t like knuckles knocking, more like something slightly harder but the same size as a hand. I told my mom about it the next day after I had run out of the computer room and she tried to say it was a bush. Yeah, a big white bush. We do have bushes around the window, but they are trimmed completely clear of the window and the ones underneath it don’t have the reach to hit the window.

So, Halloween is coming up!!! Which means my focus for you readers for the lead up will be trying to scare the bloody beejezus out of you. This will be my first halloween away from Vancouver for some time. I’m going to miss Vancouver halloweens. They set off firecrackers all night, and fireworks (it’s kinda freaky to be drunk and dodging roman candles, which they DO aim at people). Last halloween a friend summoned the dark lord with the skull of a POW, the Dark Lord just said “Hey, what are you guys doing!?”

And yes, there was the halloween I took shrooms and ended up in emergency.

So, I will now show you one of the most FREAKY ghost videos I have seen on Youtube. Some soldiers doing patrol work are goofing off when a shrieking woman scares the hell out of them. Watch closely because in the second screaming part you can actually see a white figure.

This is one of my all time favorite Bigfoot films. I first saw it on the Coast to Coast website. The story behind it is some film students were shooting on Prince Edward Island when this creature comes running out of the bush and goes behind them. The original video I saw showed it more clearly, you can see it running out on four legs and then STANDING UP and running the rest of the way.

Another favorite ghost video: This was surveillance footage of a parking garage. Watch the wall behind the black car between the two pillars.

I’ve never seen this UFO footage before, but if it’s a fake it’s pretty good!

And my fav UFO video, a UFO crashing in the desert. I have no idea what happened to the wreckage. I think the most interesting part is that when it crashes it bursts into individual bursts of light.

I also once heard a great audio file from a police scanner of some cops watching a UFO. I shall continue this theme in the next post.

Oooh oooh oooh!!! Any readers who want to tell a story of their own supernatural/paranormal experiences, please post!!! I will try to change my posting options so you don’t need a blogger account.

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