Connecting the dots

Currently major television stations are refusing to run this ad for
the target=new>Dixie Chicks documentary Shut up and Sing. There think
it’s wrong to disparage a president.

Also absent from television is the ad for the fictional documentary
Death of a President which won the International Critics award in
Toronto and is opening in the theatres here this weekend. href=”” target=new>See the preview
here. People are pissed severe about this film and think it’s
unethical to depict a fictional assasination of a sitting president.

After installing a dictatorship in Nazi German, Goebbels took control
over newspapers, magazines, books, public meetings, and rallies, art,
music, movies, and radio. Any critisms of the government were

Habeas Corpus, the right of an individual to a trial, legal
representation, and a court process determining the legality of
imprisonment, has currently been revoked in the US in regards to
“Enemy Combatants.” The last time Habeas Corpus was revoked was
during the Civil War. “On 29 September 2006, the U.S. House and
Senate approved the Military Commissions Act of 2006, a bill which
would suspend habeas corpus for any alien (noncitizen) determined to
be an “unlawful enemy combatant engaged in hostilities or having
supported hostilities against the United States”” Yep, that
terminology is pretty vague. For instance, I hope the citizens of the
US overthrow their government and try them for war crimes. HOWEVER,
now that I have just written that on my blog, I could fall into this
category and get thrown into a contemporary American gulag.

Not only that, but unless you’ve been living under a rock you’re
probably aware that the US has rewritten their laws on torture,
completely overturning the Geneva Conventions which were written in a
direct response to Nazi atrocities. Besides giving the US power to
seriously injure and harm their detainees without being subject to
criminal charges, this completely opens up the other nations to
interpret, twist, or ignore the Geneva conventions. I’m not going to
say that governments have obediently followed the laws of the Geneva
Conventions (because a lot haven’t, including pre-911 America), but at
least there was more of a solid foundation for trying war criminals.
In December of 2001, the US also changed a law so that in the event
the Hague tried a US soldier with war crimes, they would use force to
“rescue” them.

The current war in Iraq, which lost all it’s appeal to the American
populace after no WMD’s were found, is now being supported by Saddam’s
genocide of 400 000 people. The current deaths of Iraqi civilians
during the US war is about 650 000. More US troops have now died than
the total of people who died on Sept 11.

Technically the US is still operating as a democratic nation, but
underhanded tricks by the Republican party and constant reports of the
unreliability of electronic voting machines make it obvious that with
enough power an election can go anyway the government desires. It’s
genius really, let the America people continue to think they have a
voice while basically tossing away democratic voting practices.

Recently my cousin told me that US helicopters are patrolling the
borders along Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The deportation of Marc
Emery also indicates that Canadian citizens are now falling under the
jurisdiction of America. Workers for CSIS are complaining that
American government agencies like the CIA and FBI are routinely coming
into Canada to investigate our citizens. And there’s also a rumour
that in the event a missile from the Middle East (or elsewhere) is
heading towards the US over Canada, it will be deflected and impact in
Canada, most likely Saskatchewan or Manitoba.

I remember a lot of us started talking about the Reichstag fire just
after September 11. If you haven’t read about this, go look it up.
Nazi’s used it to win unquestioning support for the events which
transpired involving the war and the holocaust. It was a planned
terrorist attack used to justify the invasion of Poland. I don’t know
that Sept 11 was planned by the government (I wouldn’t be surprised),
but when it happened a lot of people could see that it would be used
against people both around the world and in the States.

They’re always joking about invading Canada, but I’m starting to
wonder if they will. We have gay marriage and socialized medicine,
which is evil to America, and a puny army. We also have a shit load
of resources, including water, power, and uranium.

Some people wonder why I care so much. I guess, at this juncture in
history we can’t afford to be complacent. Just consider the vast
changes which have happened in the last five years. I also have a
personal connection to Nazism, and while it might sound “flaky” or
“crazy”, I’m pretty sure I was killed during the Third Reich. I can’t
say I was killed in a concentration camp. I have a lot of memories,
dreams, fears about that time, but none of them have involved actually
being inside a camp. I’m not totally sure who I was, I once thought I
might have been Jewish, but recently I had a dream I was Arayan but
persecuted for some other reason. And while people get pissed off, I
do see a lot of parallels. My memories are more emotional, but
because of them I’ve spent about twenty years researching everything
about Nazism that I could get my hands on, so I’m not just making a
judgement call.

If none of that scares you, consider this. After the Nazi’s were
defeated, the US actively recruited Nazi scientists, doctors,
engineers and the like for their own government in an initiative
called Project Paperclip (again, google it if you want to know more).
In fact, NASA owes a lot to Nazi scientists like Werner Von Braun.

So if that don’t scare you dudes for Halloween, I don’t know what will!

My cuz sent me this great video of George Bush singing Sunday Bloody
Sunday. I hope it cheers ya’ll up after reading that depressing

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