Still jumpy as all hell

If Laurel hadn’t been with me I would have seriously thought I was going crazy. And I still think about it and it totally fuckin’ boggles me. Eee, I’m getting shivers! Sometimes I still can’t even believe I saw what I saw. I’m just like, nah, never happened, that could never happen!! But it did.

And then I found out someone else in my family saw the same thing over 8th street. What the hell is going on in Saskatoon?

It’s so weird, the most supernatural things happen in Saskatchewan, more than any other place I’ve lived.

The weird part is, I wish I’d watched it for longer.

My friend and I are driving out there again on Halloween night after 9 to see if it shows up. Or if it left any visitors behind. Eeeeek! God, it still scares the bejeezus out of me. I don’t know how the hell I’m going to survive our deeply troubled and unprofessional UFO hunt.

I just read the greatest description of these, which so far sounds like the most rational label. “Electrical Plasma Lifeforms.” I have a hard time believing it was a rock solid spaceship, just because of the bizarre way it manifested and then transformed over hours. Anyway, I’m HOPING to buy a camera tomorrow and go out and shoot whatever may happen. I found the cutest little digital camera that will probably work, and takes video too, so hmm. We’ll see. It’s about time I got a freakin’ digital camera anyway, since I am reduced to the photobooth in malls for self portraits. So sad, to have all your pictures be from a photobooth.

Aside from that DRAMA, I just got the graphic novel of V for Vendetta. I wonder if it will make me reminisce life with Maggie Thatcher and Ronald Regan. Oh the times we had, the hilarity. Seriously dudes, whenever anyone waxes nostalgic about the eighties and new wave and big hair, I’m like fuck, did you miss the eighties? It was all cold war and state oppression. Even Canada sucked, and that’s saying something. What I find interesting is that a decade later this story is still a completely relevant allegory.

Wud else? I’m going to quit smoking. I chain smoked during the Sighting and it fucked my throat up. Plus I have a persistent cough.

I am getting my teeth cleaned on Thursday.

Okay, I’ve failed you all! I was going to post a continuous source of fear and supernatural mayham until I got wrapped up in Republicans and Electrical Plasma Lifeforms. Well, when we go out UFO hunting tomorrow I will be armed with a camera. And if I get pictures, they will be posted on November 1. Other than that, we’re also going out on the long weekend looking, so we’ll see if something turns up. God, my hands are fucking sweating just thinking about going out TWO MORE TIMES!!

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