Suffer fools gladly

I can’t suffer fools gladly. I try, but they’re just so dumb and annoying and they work really hard to keep it that way. I don’t know how many times people have accused me of lying to them when I pretty much never lie, especially about fabulous adventures and history and so forth. Yet apparently I am a liar. The funniest one was when I mentioned off hand that tomatoes come from the new world and some white boy had a huge wobbly and nearly screamed that it wasn’t true. I don’t know why he had invested so much into the idea that tomatoes were a european fruit native to Italy. I mean, how bizarre can you get. Once I told someone else that when I was in Schipol airport the security had machine guns. Once again “That’s not true!” I don’t think he had ever been to Schipol, but apparently he knew about airport security there. I’ve also noticed a disturbing trend that it’s primarily white people who accuse me of lying. Hey man, it’s just what I’ve noticed. I have nothing against white people. I have some good friends who are white.

I think the saddest thing about these people, besides the fact that they trample interesting conversational topics, is that you know they are willfully ignorant. They will live and die knowing and understanding only a minute fraction of the world. Anyone who might broaden their world view just gets shut down. I’m not sure why. I pretty much just stop talking when one of those people are around. I can’t help it if I’ve had a fabulous and interesting life. And then people are like “Why doesn’t Thirza talk? She’s so shy.” I don’t think I’m really shy, I just don’t suffer fools gladly and I’m tired of opening my mouth and being called a liar.

Well anyway. No UFO’s last night but I did hear someone once saw aliens out there.

My dog is a genius. Maybe I’ve already mentioned this. I’m sure he understands english. He loves Cheezies, like insanely. And he knows what a Cheezie bag looks like. If he sees one in my bag he carefully secrets it out and runs away to eat it. Not only that, but yesterday morning he went into my pockets, pulled out a ten dollar bill, and gave it to my mother. I don’t know why he’s stealing money from me now, and even more baffling is why he’s giving it to my mom. I suspect they are in cahoots.

Last night just before the wave of trick or treaters came out Mom accidentally let Schrodinger outside. We never let our kittens out on Halloween, it’s just a rule. So I spent twenty minutes in the back yard trying to catch him and I kept telling Mister to flush Schrodinger out, and he did!

And I started running out of candy for the trick or treaters. I was down to giving out either cigarettes or instant coffee. We didn’t even have dried apricots. Luckily I went out before the candy was all gone. Someone was giving out cans of beer last year.

Military reports are saying Iraq is swiftly heading into “Chaos” and civil war. People are committing genocide (besides the Americans) and I’m thinking they might end up having a rapid withdrawal like the end of Viet Nam. Officially they won’t say it, but they lost the war in Afghanistan. Now we’re in there (bleh) and the Russians are warning us that it’s an unwinnable war. To them it was their Viet Nam.

There are nude photos of Marcia Cross showering and yes, the carpet matches the curtains. Oh man. Mum and I argued about if I was a celebrity would I want nude photos of myself out there. I’m probably the worst person to ask because I have nudey videos everywhere, including a friend’s tape who videoed my asshole. I told her you could see Marcia’s boobs in Female Perversions, so I didn’t see why it was a big deal. But I guess people feel less nervous about showing boobage than bush.

Someone in the states was arrested for having an Osama Bin Laden halloween costume. What is this world coming to? I highly doubt people would think an Osama Bin Laden costume was really him. He’s been charged with Criminal Threatening. Incidentally he was also the dude who leaked Bush’s drunk driving record.

I’m hoping to see Death of a President this week. It’s been interesting just watching the preview. I know I bitch bitterly about him, but I don’t want to see him killed, just brought to justice. Seeing his digitally manipulated face in fear is kind of awful, and mostly just because he’s a fellow human and I don’t want to see anyone be so afraid.

Anyway, gotta dash, I need to write some shit quick quick like a bunny.

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