Dead Thirza

I’m not dead, don’t worry, that’s just the title. And I don’t want to be dead either. I’ve just been looking over my life and you know, I SHOULD be dead by now. There have been SO many close calls in my life to be hit by cars (I have been, twice), fall to my death, drown, commit suicide, get murdered (which has nearly happened). It’s insane. And yet I’m alive, still, relatively unscarred. I could have died at birth even. There have been so many times the grim reaper’s sythe just skimmed a few hairs off the top of my head. It’s starting to feel unusual. I mean, really strange, like I’m being saved over and over for a reason. And I have no idea why. I don’t think I’m any more special than anyone who dies suddenly, but I keep avoiding it somehow. I’d be disappointed if I did die soon, because I know why I’m here and I’d be annoyed if I didn’t get to complete the mission. That sounds really dramatic but it isn’t. It’s a noble mission but nothing like being Jesus or even a minor prophet. Just doing my work and then passing on to the other side quietly in my old age.

But really, how come I keep cheating death? And how come my perception of the world is constantly shifting, as in seeing paranormal things? And why oh why do I not have a girlfriend? If I keep not dying that must be a lucky thing, who wouldn’t want to be close to someone like that? I don’t know what it is.

I’m cleaning the basement where I’m living. It’s starting to look nice, like a human lives there. I got an iTunes Music Store card and I’m downloading tons of old songs I can’t find in my other nefarious ways. I downloaded a copy of Ella singing Mack the Knife in Berlin and messing up all the lyrics, I think it’s one of my favorite live songs. I’m not a big Mack the Knife fan normally.

hey, update on those weird lights, someone else saw those lights in Manitoba on the same night at the same time, with weird northern lights around them. Solid red northern lights that didn’t dance. Very very weird.

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