More UFO’s

Today we’re saying goodbye to Deuteronomy, our family cat we’ve had since I was a girl. He was a real sweetheart, who was Sky’s companion and put up with a lot of mauling without ever scratching her. He made everybody love him, even if he had to run in front of strangers and roll around showing his tummy. He will be terribly missed. He’s being euthanized today because his kidney’s are failing and he’s probably in pain but he’s really dignified so he’s been trying not to show it. I’m glad he’s going when he’s still feeling a little better, it’s awful to euthanize a much loved pet after they’ve gone totally downhill and are miserable.

I’m STILL not smoking. I had a dream about smoking recently, there was a cigarette rolled from butts and I was like “ooh, I’ll smoke that later.” (yes I know that’s gross) I woke up in a panic that I had broken my quit, but it was all a dream. I’m starting to go through more smoking triggers in my life, but none of them have seriously pushed me into bumming a smoke. And I like that I smell nice again, and my cough is going away. And I find it really funny that after my theory that no girls were macking on me because I was a smoker, seems to be true since I kissed someone two weeks after quitting! That’s reason enough to quit.

Right, the UFO’s. Okay, SO, my friend Laurel and I went out on Friday night driving at around 11:30 – 1am. She told me there have been more and more sightings of UFO’s and strange lights at these times, particularily on the east side of the city. Sure enough, we saw blue lights slowly come down from the sky, and a triangular craft flew by us then went over 8th street, this huge craft with lights along the side kind of lighting up in this pattern. I wasn’t NEARLY so scared as the last time, altough we both did get terrified when we saw some of the blue ships get really close to the ground. If anyone wants to see UFO’s, go out around 11;30 or 12;00. Go to the east side and drive around. Remember to check out Diefenbaker park and Cranberry Flats. Be prepared to drive away fast. And remember that blue ships have a reputation for having beams.

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