Katamari Damacy

I bought a video game for a console I don’t even own yet. I’m buying the console next paycheque. The game I bought is actually the sequel to the game I wanted, this one titled We Love Katamari. The original, Katamari Damacy, is one of those weird cult hits arising from Japan. I might have to order Damacy in.

The story is that the King of The Cosmos went on a bender and accidentally destroyed all of the celestial bodies. He sends the Prince to go roll a Katamari around and collect as many objects as possible to make each star. A katamari as near as I can tell is a small sticky ball which continues to be sticky even with every additional layer of objects.

The intro alone shows the true mad genius of Katamari Damacy:

It’s addictive, to be sure. People have been known to play it for hours and hours. In fact I’m sure when I get the console my mom is going to be parked in front of the tv happily rolling up polygonal japanese people and drinking a beer.

Once I was chatting with a guy who had a Katamari fetish, literally playing the game turned him on.

Not as bad as the guy I read of who can only get an erection when he sees a safety pin.

(Living in sin with a safety pin.)

Katamari has spawned a consumer frenzy of related memorablia and wares. Including t-shirts, katamari shaped knitted touques, and a large green tubular hat simulating the Prince’s head.

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