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There are a few things I need to blog about in the next few days. I have to take Judith Halberstam to task about something she said about queer youth, but I have to finish reading the essay before I go ahead, obviously. I wanted to talk about feminist transphobia and the tyranny of white based feminism, mostly due to some nasty ass blogger wars between some really HATEFUL white feminists and feminists of colour who seem to be going up to bat for transgendered people (and some are trans), but just reading all the threads seems to be taking up to 72 hours, and I have editing to do this week. I also really really need to say some stuff about Saddam’s execution, because I think it’s going to define the next year in Iraq and the events which will unfold. All I’ll say now is that watching that crap happen, I was just thinking “Oh wow, that was a REALLY bad idea you guys.”

Mostly what I’ve been neglecting is this incredibly scary news story going around. In short, nazi american scientists have been experimenting on homosexual rams and have come fairly close to altering their sexual orientation. And among the crowd of highly visible ‘mo’s, the only one who has come forward publically to take this to task and call it what it is, genocide, is Martina Navratilova. Why isn’t Rosie saying something instead of bashing Asians with her ching chong talk? Why is Ellen just sitting back and interviewing blatantly closeted homos? It boggles the mind.

So yes, genocide. Ironically I was talking about this with my mum and she said the world would end before it mattered that genocide towards queers was happening. I told her she wouldn’t say the same thing if Aboriginals were being carted off to death camps.

Apparently they are hoping to make a patch for pregnant women to wear which will keep them from having a gay kid. Ugh. It’s so disgusting, and yet of course no one will think it’s wrong, because eugenics doesn’t matter when queers are involved. Incidentally eugenics is also societally approved for mentally ill people.

I’m not sure WHY it is so hard to get people to understand eugenics. Because it has science behind it, people are more assuaged than if you see a line of queers standing against a wall in front of a firing squad. Eugenics seems more palatable. Who will miss the life of a minority if that life never has a chance to happen? I could also get into eugenics about the mentally ill, which my family supports incidentally, but I’m not going to go into that in this post.

If they really do insist on making a No Gay patch, is must be possible for them to make a No Heterosexual patch. I don’t think either is a good idea, but it would make an interesting movement to demand a method of eradicating heterosexuality in children if you so desired. If they’re really not homophobic, I expect my No Het patch to be readily available on the market in five years when I may have children.

I hope more dialogue and action happens around this. Here’s the story from PageOneQ.

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  1. Hey there – first, thanks for reading and commenting on my blog. 🙂

    While that article about the sheep experimentation is a bit scary, and the research that these scientists are doing is suspect and should be scrutinized, it might be jumping to conclusions to call them Nazis. The researchers themselves don’t seem to be doing this research in the interest of applying it to humans; a lot of the links to human sexuality are being made by outside “experts,” including Michael Bailey who is a generally creepy, homophobic and transphobic little fucker. It doesn’t even seem like the word “cure” or the idea about “No Gay” patches can be attributed to the researchers themselves. Actually, this seems more like a case of shoddy and sensationalist journalism than anything else.

    Of course, the fact still remains that this kind of research has a high potential for abuse.

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