I heard . . .

I don’t often get good gossip (I lie, I’m quiet and I get good gossip all the time) but I hear a reputable rumour that Annie Sprinkle is getting legally married within the week in a prairie city. I wanted to go see it, but I don’t have a car, or money for a bus ticket, or even the time to leave some work I’m doing. I wanted to actually meet her without running away.

And now the source of the rumour who is probably reading this is kicking my ass and yelling “Shut up Thirza!”

Hey, it isn’t secret after all! Here’s the scoop:

Annie Sprinkle & Elizabeth Stephens • Yellow Wedding #3: Courage & Power

That’s right: It’s a wedding AND a performance. Members of the Harper Cabinet are especially welcome.

Ex-porn star, sexologist and performance artist Annie Sprinkle, and sexy dyke playboy, experimental artist and professor Elizabeth Stephens are madly in love. They have vowed to have a wedding every year for seven years, partly in protest against the anti-gay marriage movement. This, the third wedding in the series, and the first in Canada, takes advantage of our laws to legally bind the two blushing brides. Be a bridesmaid, groomsman, tranny ring bearer or do your special wedding thing. Or just enjoy the show.

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