Giving, Thieving

There is a sort of karmic law I heard of once that says what you give you recieve five times, and what you take you lose five times. I’ve been looking for evidence of it in life ever since.

The recent blizzard was interesting to watch because most people were helping and giving and would even go two hours out of their way to help a stranded pedestrian or other person without transportation. People who were trapped in certain areas got taken in by places like Costco, Walmart, and the Co-Op. Some of them had to stay overnight. It was nice to hear about those things happening. And then I hear of some places like the Confederation Mall locking all their doors so that no one could get in for shelter. I wonder if they thought of the implications of doing something like that. Confed Mall is in a kind of weird area anyway, and I think after pulling that kind of crap they will probably lose a lot of business. While the above mentioned stores will probably get more business because they care about people.

Even people just on their own with 4×4’s were spending hours driving around pushing people out of snowbanks or giving people rides, strangers. People they might even have an arguement with at other times. And they weren’t getting anything tangible back, but still they had big happy glows on their faces and just, I don’t know. They were on a high from helping people. Because it does make you happy, unless you don’t do it much and have never noticed. And it’s not helping and then demanding something in return, it’s just completely altruistic.

And then I’ve noticed when it goes the other way, the wrong way. I’ve had many people in life who are habitual thieves. It’s the one trait in humans I can’t stand whatsoever. I can tolerate many other strange things, but thieving just pisses me off, especially because it rarely comes along with a code of conduct (which might sound strange but hear me out), I’ve noticed thieves as a general rule don’t exclude their thieving from friends or family. In fact, I notice they even feel less guilty when they steal things from people they know. I’ve lost at least five hundred dollars worth of things to thieves who were either friends or a Very Bad Cousin.

And I’ve noticed another pattern with thieves. You’ll go to their apartment one day (unless they’re between residences) and they’ll have tons of stuff, it will be all decked out. MOST of it will be stolen, maybe not the cheaper Value Village couches and things like that, but usually all their electronics comes from friends or family, from whom they are only “borrowing” (without asking and with no intention of returning) or who they’ve decided doesn’t need their stereo anymore. They have a very strong sense of entitlement.

And then one day they lose EVERYTHING. They’ll turn up at your door with a backpack of their remaining belongings and steal something again. And it’s not that they have to lose anything, it’s just some messed up shit they did that made it turn out that way. Like not pay rent while simultaneously trashing the apartment and getting locked out, or just getting evicted with a month’s notice and not bothering to pack. Weird shit. I know other people lose everything too and for no fault of their own, but I’ve noticed this is a regular ongoing cycle in theives lives.

The creepy part is they get resentful of your life, because you have stuff and they keep getting wiped out. And because they don’t recognize that karmic stuff is what keeps wiping them out, they assume it’s because you’re just really materialistic and have the best things and are so rich. So then this sense of being ripped off and feeling entitled to what is “rightfully” theirs comes out again. It’s a vicious cycle, and the reason why if I find out someone’s a thief I cut them out of my life immediately.

Except for Very Bad Cousin who I keep trying to ban from my house. But yeah, I don’t accept thieves in my life at all, not ever. And it’s a rule that will never change.

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  1. Don’t you think it’s none so altruistic, if they’re getting that happy glow out of it? They’re still helping people, yes. But I often wonder, when I help people,if I’d still be doing it if I wasn’t going to get that glow. It isn’t even about them accepting my help, or appreciating it. It’s about how I feel about helping someone. So, if I’m happy about helping someone, surely it isn’t solely for their happiness and henceforth isn’t altruistic?

    What do you reckon?

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