I keep trolling around for the next degree program that interests me. I’m terribly keen on getting a PhD in The History of Consciousness at UCSC, but I hesitate spending that many years in the States right now. I don’t want to do an MFA because I more interested in expanding my academic knowledge beyond artistic practice.

And then this shit happened at ER and while scoping out disability law I came across a masters program at York University in Critical Disability Studies. Holy shit, oh my god, that would be so awesome! I am practically jizzing my pants reading the program brochure.

Anyway, I have a doctors appointment, with my REGULAR doctor, in half an hour so I should dash. And I have to drop by my old alternative medicine doctor’s office and make an appointment so he can give me snake venom or something to get rid of this rash.

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  1. I’m glad you found that program! It makes such a big difference when you’re not trying to make a somewhat good program fit you. Finding something that exciting-I hope it works out for you.

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