Opening, Submission, new Doctor, BOOKS!

So the homeopathic doctor hit upon something everyone else missed, the head injury I recieved when I was two years old. He’s trying me on Natrum Sulphuricum for the head injury and chloramphenicol for a Salmonella infection I got when I was twenty, he thinks it might still be impacting my immune system. Anyway, it was one of those great moments in a doctor’s office where I was like “Holy shit, the head injury!” I did have to go to the hospital for it. And I was two (maybe 4?) when I got it so I wouldn’t have known life without any symptoms from it. I’m going to take this stuff for the next few weeks and we’ll see what happens.

The opening went well, people liked my tape. There were too many people so I hung out with my friend off to the side and felt ridiculously uber submissive feelings keep coming up and I was trying to behave, it was really hard!!! I don’t usually have massive submissive urges directed towards people, it’s nice when it happens but it makes me turn pink and shy.

I bought a book called “The Sanity We Are Born With,” it’s about Buddhist psychology and this idea that we are all born sane and that we are in fact sane at this very moment. It’s specifically written for people in psychological distress, so I’m curious to read it. I’ve never read much about Buddhist ideas around mental health, specifically the sane/insane thing.

I also picked up a book called “The Buddha and the Terrorist.” It’s like a parable about a terrorist meeting Buddha and having a serious of enlightening conversations.

I’m thinking of going to my first meditation group tomorrow night. We’ll see. A friend sent me a huge email about all the things she’s done to live med free. It was really helpful.

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