Burning Man 2007

I’ve decided to go to Burning Man after all this year. It’s about time. I’m kind of intimidated by the strict rules involved in living in a self sustained, isolated community in a location with no resources. But I’ve known people who go, and they’ve been putting my fears at ease about attending. I think it will be good for me, just be around art and artists. Someone told me not to worry about making an installation or art intervention or anything my first year out there, because there’s tons to do anyway. So I think I’m just going to spend some time making my bike into an art bike of some kind. I want it to be kind of like a wind instrument when I ride it, like have some kind of flute like pipes attached to it. But with the ability to turn it off. I guess I need a concept. And it has to be a decent musical instrument, not something embarrassing that makes me look like Pocahontas with her indian flute music soundtrack. Oh man, that would suck. I mean, it would be really funny in an ironic way about the depiction of aboriginals, but I don’t want some white person to think I’m serious. Dammit.

So yes, art bike. I don’t really know much about stripping down and rebuilding a bike’s skin, so it will be kind of a nice thing to learn. It’s a crappy bike by the way, the seat I bought for it costs more than the bike itself, it’s a garage sale bike. Hmm. Now I have to think about what a bike could be. I could make an s/m bike. Just get shiny chrome rivets and some kind of weatherproof leather-like material or rubber or something. A pervert bike. That could be fun to make. The seat already has a kind of vaguely BDSM air about it. I could make real leather floggers for the handlebars instead of pom poms. It could be fun. Maybe I’ll go sketch around with that until I figure it out.

And the bike was already black and blue.

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