Psychiatric Exam Paperwork Error

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Something which was/is going in the burning box, but I just noticed it. This is from my application for confinement to an institution, it’s a psychiatric exam by one of the two doctors who examined me. I probably spent less than six minutes with this doctor. As you can see, the doctor probably didn’t really know who I was, because someone else’s name originally appeared on this summary of my admission and my exam. I blurred their name out for privacy reasons, I don’t recall who this person is at all actually, or why their name originally appeared on my exam. By the way, I was supposed to respond to this application to the person who delivered it IMMEDIATELY although they just gave it to me and walked away, and although all of the documentation which I was supposed to refute was written in French, which I don’t speak or read, at least not at this level. I was also told by a nurse not to contest it, even though I wanted to, because I was ALMOST out, according to her, I was about three weeks away from release. I got about three of these applications altogether, all sucessful, and each could hold me for 21 days. This wasn’t the first time my identity and another patient’s was mistaken, by the way.

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