Pan’s Labyrinth

I just came back from seeing Pan’s Labyrinth and my muscles hurt from being tensed up that whole time! And I haven’t cried that hard at the end of a movie in forever and ever. Jesus Christ. Ow. My body hurts! It was such a good movie though, between him and his friend Curaron, jesus they’re intense!

Filmmakers are brutal. It’s the most extreme amount of power you have, to have people spend two hours listening and watching an entire story you’ve created and responding in certain ways. I think if you can make someone laugh and you can make someone cry on demand in response to a film you’ve made, you have the potential to be an amazing filmmaker. I seem to have mastered those two things in my filmmaking, I’m trying to incorporate other things. I REALLY want to make a film that will make everyone in the audience have an orgasm on demand, but I’m not sure how to do that, and I’m not talking porn or where they actually start masturbating, I just think there must be some way to make someone come without doing anything to them. I told a friend about my idea to do that and she said “Oh, that’s a very kind film you’re making.” So yes, emotions are complex. And when people get mad about films manipulating people, uh, well yeah, that’s what we do. That’s a very simplistic explanation of filmmaking, but at the same time I don’t want to deny that filmmaking is one of the biggest power trips ever, it’s the uber apex of domination.

I’m working on one film which won’t come out for another decade at least, but the ending is so intense that it makes ME cry every time I think about it.

Anyway, Pan’s Labyrinth, wow, anti-war movies starring children seem to be the most effective. Cripes!!

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  1. I keep hearing such amazing things about this movie–I’m gonna have to go see it now. sounds fabulous. I love to cry really hard at a movie–it’s so cleansing without having all the emotional real life baggage attached to it, you know?


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