Real World Update

My sister is more well off than me, temporarily anyway. She has $1000 to spend and we have to do it before social services decides that disabled people are living in the lap of luxury. So she’s taking me to Cirque De Soleil. Or rather, Cirque de Petit Soleil, since it’s an offshoot. I’m kidding, I don’t know what it’s called, but it’s the touring show from them. And we’re trying to help her get her group home’s Snoezelen room together. I keep telling her I’m going to drop E and spend all my time in her Snoezelen room. We were talking with her worker about siblings of the disabled eventually becoming the guardians when our parents die, and it was so funny, I said “I know, I might be her parent one day” and she just shot me this nasty look like “Oh, I don’t think so little sister, don’t insult me!” I had better find a better name for looking out for her AND being her little sister.

I’ve decided I don’t have enough money to go to Burning Man this year, sad!!! 🙁 Oh well. Next year maybe.

My iPod is being a jerk, I have to troubleshoot it because it’s not holding a charge properly. And I need my iPod!!!

I had a terrible dream the other night that the War started, I was walking in the street and suddenly a guy came running past saying The War is here! And we were all running and suddenly there were tanks everywhere and I had to keep hitting the ground to avoid being shot. And I remember so clearly waiting for bullets to rip through me, but none ever did. I ended up at my friend Preston’s, describing the war to him (he’s blind) while I looked out the windows. And then they attacked his fridge (??) and I said “Preston, they’re attacking your fridge” and he ran after them and was like “Stop attacking my fridge!”

Life’s okay. I’m doing well, my sleep has gone to a nice 6.5 hours a night, which is pretty good. I’m really giggly, but not crazy. Maybe I’m just supposed to be giggly. No, actually that’s not true, I’m only giggly around a certain person who makes me feel happy.

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