Various Thoughts on a sunny Sunday

The Downtown Eastside isn’t all a bad place, actually the really pretty parts of it almost overwhelm the rest. Almost. There’s one very active Buddhist temple only a block away from the infamous Bad Manors. My friend, who I will call X, and I used to walk by it all the time on our various travels. One time we were walking up to it and we could hear this “mmmmmmmmmmmmmm” noise, and so X says “Oh I wonder what they’re chanting for today.” And we get up to the open doors and there’s a little woman vacuuming in there. I couldn’t stop laughing. Even now I sometimes say “Do you remember when they were vacuuming?” And she’ll say “Shut up.”

Bad Manors had a mouse problem. I remember one time I saw a mouse run into a plastic bag and I picked it up and was like “Oh, thank god, I can get this out of my house and not kill it either.” So I took it downstairs and let it free in the alley, only to see a cat come tearing out of nowhere and after the mouse. Crap.

My friends are getting married and I still have nothing to wear. Oh man!! I don’t think I’ll have money for a tux. But I really need to make use of this damn top hat, and I don’t know when I’m ever going to get it together to do my Marlene impersonation. I’m too much of a damn perfectionist, I practically won’t do it until I can speak German. Preston speaks German, I should talk to him. Still, it’s one of those funny languages that sounds violent no matter what you say. His sister yelled “Zipper” at him in German and really, it sounded like a horrible curse. “Reißverschluß!” Noooo!! Don’t say it again!

Oh I know, I could tell you about the Dene/Navajo migration. I heard this from my aunt. This tribe was following a vision someone had of four mountains, and they’d been walking a really long time over from that other place, and there was a schism in Saskatchewan when some people didn’t want to keep following the vision and decided to just stay where they were. So the people who became Navajo kept going and ended up at four corners.

And that’s why the Dene and Navajo languages are identical, well, with some changes I’m sure.

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