This is a lot nicer and gentler than I expected, still kind of strange. I resolved the sleep issue by doing a sort of clearing/protection thing in my bedroom, which doesn’t take long and keeps things from bothering me and waking me up. I had the best sleep last night, I didn’t feel scared. And I’m starting to hear the ocean, like once in a while, it just shows up, which is pretty common for people in this experience. I’m also feeling this cool breeze sometimes, out of nowhere, it’s like the breeze you’d find in a cherry tree. I think the worst physical symptom recently was when my eyes were burning and watery, but it’s gone away. Still, that granthi knot thing took about a week to totally resolve, and I thought it was gone a few times and it came back.

I guess, I’m only telling the physical side of it really, because that’s all people will see when they look at me, so that’s all you’re getting. I did get a rash again, but it’s going away and I think I know what it’s related to.

I was listening to this scientist who studied neurology and mystical states and he says there are magnetite crystals in the brain, like just particles here and there like all other cellular systems. And he said that people ascending sometimes have problems because they go for electrical energy and it’s supposed to be using magnetic energy. So I don’t know much about magnets, except from playing with them and watching the northern lights. But maybe I’ll look into how they work more. I do know when too much electrical energy is in my body it messes me up, I get confused and things start to happen that shouldn’t. But I’ve never paid attention to magnetic energy, I don’t even really know what it feels like.

I’m thinking of going for a tour of the Synchrotron. It’s a sub atomic particle accelerator here in Saskatoon, for all I know one of my old classmates might work there. If I go I will bring back pictures.

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