Ritual Abuse

This story has a poetic flow in an archetypal setting, but I think it’s time to stop talking parables. This is what I know, and I will say it all in the most literal terms I can imagine.

The problems in the Aboriginal community are directly related to colonization. Now I know people want to believe colonization just means a war with winners and losers, but there is something more to it. We’ve been doing all this work getting settlements from the government and trying to have some form of redress, but barely anyone has explained it in specific terms.

What happened in residential schools was not “just” sexual abuse, although sexual abuse is horrific, there are additional forms of abuse which have worked in certain ways and have been developed over time by certain groups.

By the way, the stuff I’m going to talk about might trigger people, although I won’t do graphic detail. Still, if you feel you’re hitting that wall where things start falling down, visualize this. You are in a small dark room and need to get out, if you look upwards you will see a door, it might be close or far away. There’s a ladder going through that door, up from where you are, and you’re just going to climb out of darkness into another place, and if you find a wall there too, you will also see a door with another ladder. This isn’t just some flaky stuff, that’s how you get out of a kiva. If you see a sign in bright neon letters saying “You are not allowed to access this information because you are not worth it” ignore it, it’s a lie, and someone else put that sign there.

Residential schools were scenes of mass cult ritual abuse. They were run through the churches, yes, and the churches had a type of colonial power, and that power was involved in creating a slave class of people. While nearly half of residential school students literally were murdered, the other half survived mostly due to taking on programming by these cults. In programming, dualities are encouraged, they are vital to a process known as Dissociative Identity Disorder. Dissociative Identity Disorder has also been known as Multiple Personality Disorder. This sounds very strange but bear with me, if you don’t know about DID or MPD.

What this state of being is, basically, is chopping up a psyche into various compartments so that a cycle is continued without the person understanding why. Some people have literally wiped the bad history into another persona, because seeing that kind of trauma seems antithical to an idea of wholeness which the person tries to embrace. And we do always want to embrace the wholeness. So suddenly the world becomes black and white, instead of colour. Good bad female male christ antichrist. And that’s where war happens. But it doesn’t happen in the outside world, although you might make it manifest there. It’s happening in your soul.

I’ve met ritual abuse survivors from all walks of life, haunted by the same system used in various religious organizations. It doesn’t really matter who is espousing the system, it’s all a matter of colonialist power.

Christianity got co-opted by power when the Roman Empire realized they could continue their empire under the guise of a revolutionary figure. Jesus and Moses all were people who came to lead the slaves out of colonialist dogma. They were revolutionaries pure and simple. We give them an archetypal story because what they did was great and beautiful, but the metaphors lose their connection to the real history. And where the metaphor and the truth disconnects, we call that Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Aboriginals also have Dissociative Identity Disorder. It’s not a fluke that the word for leader automatically changed to fake-leader after colonialism. Our Aboriginal leaders are not our leaders, we have no democratic process in choosing them. Here in Saskatchewan people are stressed out about FSIN for what it’s doing for our community, but only a few people are permitted to vote for those leaders. Likewise in the Americas, only certain people have the right to vote. And sometimes those votes don’t even count.

I don’t think we need another outside revolutionary figure kicking over tables and screaming, what I think we need is to find out own internal revolutionary figure, who can quietly envision climbing out of cult programming.

I’m going to talk more about how to escape your own programs in this blog, because I think that’s what I have to do now. And I am going to use archetypal stories, but please remember this is a visualization exercise, and you don’t actually have to chop holes in your ceiling or anything.

By the way, Montreal psych wards are also heavily influenced by cult programming activity, and I can explain why, and I should explain why so you’ll know why i know how this works.

Ewan Cameron was a nazi psychiatrist who through the CIA worked on a program called Psychic Driving at the Allen Memorial Hospital. Over the years he did various things to his patients to completely wipe out their memory, personality, etc, and install his own program and own personality. This was called Psychic Driving, but it is also known as ritual abuse. While the hospitals may not realize they are working in a ritually abusive manner, they are, because he determined the way psychiatric care would operate in Montreal. And so when I say I know ritual abuse, I know ritual abuse. And I have described it in this blog as well.

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