Woah! Intellectual overexcitability is fun!

Wow. Realizing all of that shit makes me wonder if I should sue the Quebec/Canadian Government under the Nuremberg Code. I don’t think I will yet, but it’s an interesting possibility. It would be nice to have them pay for at least four years of being unable to work, and for possible long term brain damage, and for political torture, and for just being horrid people. Maybe suing the government would wake people up to the fact that there are still mind control experiments being performed. Having Ewan Cameron’s description of his psychic driving experiments is enough for me to draw the connections between my hospitalization and his earlier experiments. And we know who he is, we know what he did, that stuff did get declassified. And it’s not just me either, tons of people have had tussles with the psychiatric system here. With enough lawsuits we could bankrupt the government of Canada. But that’s an extreme, but an interesting extreme, especially if we need to take wealth from them for whatever reason. The problem with lawsuits right now is that the government is REALLY good at stalling them.

Remember this is all a thought process, I don’t know what I’ll do. But it would be interesting if we could dig up Riel’s medical file too and also see if he was the victim of ritual abuse-torture mind control. He probably was.

I don’t have my psych file, but I could order it, or else a whole bunch is with my doctor here. I don’t think they’re smart enough to burn my file, they probably still think it’s useful for later purposes to discredit me. And if they do burn my file I still have a few pieces of paper proving I was there. Not to mention this entire blog and various people who watched me go through this. Either way I could prove I was sane by virtue of thinking of right and humanity, because that’s how they justify the fact that they hanged Riel. So there is that loophole there, and they won’t brand him a lunatic because:

a) He’s a folk hero to the Metis and other Canadians.
b) To admit he was mentally unstable means that his conviction was unjust.

It’s a perfect situation. They can’t slam Riel with a psych diagnosis, although they might try, because to do so would create an untenable political situation between the Aboriginals, the Metis, the Anglophones, and the Francophones. And the Francophones definitely can’t slap him with a psych diagnosis because he means a lot to them. So there is a precedent, if you’re incomprehensible but people still recognize you are doing it out of a sense of what is just, then the Mental Health Act is a piece of tissue paper. If you prove that when you stopped thinking of right and wrong because the hospital started mind control experiments, then you can also prove government liability. And furthermore, if you just take the stuff about Ewan Cameron which didn’t come out until 1984, then you can easily make a case for mind control.

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