Willy Nilly Learning

I’ve been thinking more about spirituality from this Gnostic viewpoint, it’s liberating actually, because it just affirms knowing the divine through knowledge of anything/everything. I think sometimes things which seem supernatural are actually just intelligence/overexcitablity working in tandem. Which isn’t to deny that strange things don’t happen, because I’ve seen all kinds of stuff in my life. But I think sometimes people worry that a leader is going to have to be some kind of Gandolph figure. Which isn’t to say those people don’t exist either. But if you just start from this simple idea of using knowledge, it doesn’t seem so impossible.

I wanted to explain something weirdish I did this past winter, because I know it freaked my cousin out a bit when I did it. We were driving to Preston’s and were out on the grid roads coming up to a steep hill with a train track along the top (really the dumbest piece of engineering ever). Before I had noticed a car on the other side of the hill, and so did she, and she got freaked out because it was just sitting on the side of the road. And I think she was scared of it for different reasons than me maybe. I suddenly slowed my perception of time down, I don’t know how, but 20 seconds suddenly elongated to the thinking process of about two minutes. During that time I considered the fact that it could be someone dumping a body, in which case they would speed off as soon as we got up to them (yes my mind leaps to worst case scenario first), or (and more likely) that it was some drunk teenagers who were going to do some really stupid driving like zoom over the hill at top speed without looking if someone is on the other side. And I also calculated that they would probably drive closer to the middle of the road, if the stupid drunk kid theory was true. So I suddenly told my cousin to drive closer to the right hand side of the road, and she didn’t ask why she just did it and sure enough the car came flying over the hill at top speed and would have had a head on collision if we hadn’t moved over. But to me it was a slow thoughtful process, because I used that thing we all notice where time slows down in an emergency.

And I think sometimes that’s what precognition is, you just somehow deduce the most likely outcome and react accordingly. Which is one thing I remember at the emergency school meeting for students after September 11, when people were crying and crying and while it was because people died, it was because they also knew it meant there would be a major war that we would all be forced to watch. People knew not because they were receiving special spiritual knowledge, but because we’d watched America enough to be able to predict it’s reaction based on history. And we also knew that patriotism would fuel it happening, because that’s a common flaw in nations everywhere. There are specific things in every culture worldwide which we are taught not to question, and those weaknesses get exploited. Right now in my community some AA driven spiritual dogma is marching into the community under the name Traditionalism, because you don’t question tradition, that’s all we feel we have left as Native people. But a lot of these Nouveau Traditionalists were the people who made fun of their elders way back and refused to listen to what they had to say. So there was knowledge that was lost in those people. They probably did try to mentor under people, but you have to be really choosy about the people you pick to be your mentors, and sometimes people are taken in by the wrong one.

I have a prediction, just based on what I know of history. I predict that George W. Bush will be overthrown from the inside, in what appears to be a democratic process. I think he’ll become the administration’s fall guy, and I think he knows it too. They’ve been trying to offload certain key players just to make it seem like things are changing, they had to get rid of Rumsfeld because it had to appear that they knew things were going wrong. But even after he was gone this troop surge was proposed. The American people are waking up, I don’t think it’s fair for the world to assume they don’t know what’s going on, because they do. And they’re trying to figure out how to change it in a way that is non-violent, because like anyone eventually people notice when a cycle has to stop. But I don’t want people to think a regime change will make a difference, because there’s something more fundamental going on than Democrat vs. Republican. I think some names for that kind of corruption get scary, so let’s just say particular corrupt people in power, because corruption can happen to anyone.

Anyway, particular corrupt people might try to look like they fit in more adequately with people promoting peace, because if they change tactics they can still achieve their aims. That’s why psych wards are using ritual abuse techniques now. And mental health is the new sacred cow, because everyone wants people to be healthy, and healthy in mind, especially when so much corruption is out in the world. So they’re using that now, the health angle. And it’s happened before, I’ve seen it. This doesn’t mean you stop going to your doctor, but you at least find a doctor who’s humble enough to be willing to listen to you talk about research you’ve done and work together on an issue, rather than being diagnosed without information. And there are good doctors out there too, and there are even professionals in the mental health system who know it’s corrupt and that’s why they’ve trained in the field. It’s just finding those people through all of this dogma and misinformation.

If you want to know what’s going to happen if we’re correct that it’s the same corrupt people in power, then you go back to history. You’d want to look at the peace/hippie movement and what really happened in that time, and you’d also want to look at the end of Vietnam and follow all the threads around that time period. I don’t know where you’ll end up, because I haven’t done much research there myself, although I know I did die at the end of Vietnam, but I think I know why I did that. But no, I can’t access many of those memories because I was hanging out with my mom and dad, and that would just be too weird to remember.

Anyway, that’s how I learn new things, I just go from place to place willy nilly and eventually work things out. I think willy nilly learning is fun.

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