Gospel of Mary

This is a little tidbit from the Gospel of Mary, the Magdalene Mary, who was loved more than other women in Jesus’ life. Here she’s trying to explain what Jesus said to her, because he told her things in private which he didn’t share with the men. She also stayed in contact with him after his ascension.

“I said to him, ‘Lord, how does a person see a vision, through the soul or through the spirit?’
“The saviour answered, saying, ‘A person sees neither through the soul nor the spirit. The mind, which lives between the two, sees the vision . . . .'”

She also says there are seven forms to the fourth power and they are:

“The first form is darkness,
the second, desire,
the third, ignorance,
the fourth, death wish,
the fifth, fleshly kingdom,
the sixth, foolish fleshly wisdom
the seventh, angry person’s wisdom.”

I like that, it’s really practical. My Gramma fusses at church if they use too many metaphors, she likes things to be practical. I love my Gramma.

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