My Riel Theory

I have a theory, which is only a theory and yet I kind of like it because as a story it’s fascinating.

A lot has been coming out in the press these days about the Holy Grail being a bloodline of descendents of Jesus. And people get weird about it, and people hope it’s true, and people wonder who those people are and some people say they are it but no one can really be sure. What people have deduced so far is that the chalice is a metaphor for a female, and that makes sense because in european indigenous religions a chalice really does represent the female.

If you were a woman with a seriously heavy duty bloodline to carry on, you would do several things. One is that you would relocate to a land with a matriarchal type of religion. Which if you believe that the bloodline went to France, makes sense, because there was a pagan religion there which honoured women, and men of course. It was safe to be a powerful female dynasty there. But we know that Catholicism took over France, for whatever reasons. So suddenly it’s a patriarchal place again, which means you would run with that matrilineal bloodline to another land without patriarchal rule. You would go to the New World, because the aboriginals were egalitarian. And the reason the bloodline would stay matrilineal is because that’s the most guaranteed way of keeping a bloodline going. Even in geneology research these days people are warned of non-paternal events, which really messes up some people’s identities.

So you’re in the New World and your bloodline mixes with the local Aboriginal bloodline, because that’s how bloodlines work, they find other strong bloodlines. Bloodlines don’t stay pure because then people start looking funny and being stupid, you have to get outside of your bloodline to avoid getting genetically impaired. But this would mean that a church looking for a saviour from a pure bloodline (read: incestuous) would miss out on the person they were looking for.

Louis Riel was a learned man. Something happened which tipped him over the edge into feeling the strain of being a messiah. What was it? My theory is that he discovered he was carrying the bloodline of Jesus. He used the name David in quotations all the time. Was he? I don’t know, it’s a fairy tale still, and so many Red River Metis say that he’s their father that it’s all a bit unsure. But it makes sense why he would trust the church, because he assumed that was a safe place for him since they talked about Jesus all the time. He didn’t realize that the church was fundamentally racist at the time and that the fact that he was a halfbreed automatically made them assume he was a throw away garbage person, because they were looking for a “pure” bloodline.

When he was having his positive disintegration he was thrown into a montreal asylum. Not only that, but to “fix” his messianic delusions he was deprived of information, including spiritual texts he was studying to figure out what to do next. I believe he wanted to be a Gnostic saviour, which means someone who transcends being sacrificed into someone who teaches. He never meant to be a martyr. But his psychiatric treatment in Montreal froze him in one state. He could have used his time to research more things and maybe he would have let go of the title of Messiah and just become the great statesman he was meant to be, and unite English, French, Aboriginal, and Metis Canadians. Because that was his dream really.

But a united Canada was something really unwelcome at the time, for all types of people. And especially forces in Quebec which had already decided to eliminate the indigeous population and form some kind of twisted holy land. I don’t think they cared about his bloodline, because ultimately it didn’t matter, he was a halfbreed. So he was turned into a martyr, because a martyr could advance the cause of a divided Canada much better. And if you want to keep someone from becoming a Gnostic saviour, you limit their access to information, and you isolate them, which were two things the psychiatric care system knew how to do really well.

And maybe he wasn’t from the bloodline, maybe he was just a Gifted halfbreed living in the wrong era. But I kind of like the idea of the church crucifying their saviour again just to make a political point, because that’s the kind of ignorance I want to expose.

And of course we live in a patriarchal society again. So if there is that female driven bloodline, it might have left already for some other place, and various people will claim it just so that it can be obscure again.

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