New Tactic

Based on what I know, I predict that Bush will be deposed this year. BUT, I know how they’re going to do it, because they’re so damned predictable. He’ll be diagnosed with a heavy duty mental illness, and the agenda of fascist psychiatry (a distinct sect of psychiatry) will be advanced on peoples world wide. Don’t be like Bush, he was mentally ill, take this pill and you won’t have to worry about turning into a war lord. It will be a type of health act, working under the guise of keeping people from becoming evil, but because of the nature of the pills it will really eliminate high cognitivity.

Bush is not normal, but I think his brand of weirdness corresponds to psychopathy more than things like “schizophrenia” or “bipolar disorder.” And realistically there is no known therapy for psychopaths, drugs or otherwise. They just fit in really well on level one societies (according to Dabrowski’s Positive Disintegration model).

On the other hand, if a society was willing to go to a higher level, then psychopaths wouldn’t fit in anymore. They would be exposed because they wouldn’t really know how to work on say, a Level five society. Lacking empathy, they would become really obvious. And from the case studies of psychopaths, empathy is competely out of reach for unknown reasons. I think we have to distinguish between R.A. survivors and psychopaths, because an R.A. survivor had their empathy used against them, and that is very different than having no empathy whatsoever. One can heal and the other can’t.

But it’s not up to us to try and hunt down psychopaths, because a lot of people would get hurt since they blend in really well. No, it’s up to us to simply recognize them, which takes a while to learn. And after recognizing them, you can just know who not to follow anymore. It’s very non-violent, and simple. But again, there are a lot of pitfalls because like I said, they do fit in with a primary integrated society really well, and also psychosis/spiritual emergence/positive disintegration/kundalini awakening, which can be positive developmental features, gets mistaken for psychopathy. It’s a tricky route, but not entirely impossible.

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