Private Life

I’m happy to have a private life again. You might be surprised to know I’m actually a ridiculously private person, in fact the only reason this blog wasn’t anonymous is because I knew people needed to start sticking their real names to the ideologies they were espousing. But also, I dunno. It was funny. I’m kind of glad I’m private again though because certain people in my life don’t want their shit everywhere. And I get that, totally, I was doing this for art. Art!

When I got my psychic reading she said “Do you boss people around?” And I thought pshaw, no way, otherwise I would have control over my life. And then I said “Well, I’m a director.” I guess I hadn’t anticipated being this good of a director. But she did note that I was getting help from others now instead of doing it alone all the time. And that’s true, I can’t do everything on my own. I don’t know though, if I had to write report cards I sometimes worry it might say “Does not follow instruction.” I was really worried I’d end up being like Charlton Heston at the end of Planet Of The Apes.

But I think people have held on pretty well. It does get overwhelming though, when horrid stuff seems to take precedence over the nice things. But I mean, yeah, that’s human history in a nutshell. I guess people were just really good at turning a blind eye to these things, and so in a way it had to get really in your face. I wish it didn’t, I wish people could have just gone to see movies and art and listened to music to play out these stories and actually looked at history. I mean, that’s the decent thing to do. But I also know psychiatry as it stands today has really got a stranglehold on society, I mean, even I was duped into taking pills two months after I felt my root chakra being activated. But again, like I say, the light can be too trusting.

I honestly don’t think I’ll be coming back to this planet, some really fucked up shit lives here. But who knows, maybe it will turn into a nice place. Maybe. At least people finally know who other people really are.

I’m not really mad at certain other people in Montreal who sent me to the ward, because they honestly had no idea what happens there. I hope they do now.

People think prophecy is all about someone knowing the future. But I am starting to think that the people who tell prophecies are actually people who are making a promise that they’ll fulfill in a future life.

I don’t know what people are going to do now. I know what they’re going to do, but other people, hmm, not sure. I think people need to start having small discussion groups with eachother about things they’ve noticed, things that need to change, and ideas they have for changing them. A lot can happen at kitchen tables with a couple of friends. And I think we need to have way more art in the world. Basically, we have to stop letting the darkness run everything, and we have to stop feeling bullied by them, because they’re the ones with the secrets to worry about.

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