Through the Looking Glass

This was my ode to Alice, as a biracial girl negotiating a colonized landscape. With good costumes, again. I made Lori Blondeau stay up for two days with me making these outfits. The video is mostly being interrogated about race from two extremes. Lori Blondeau, my auntie, is the Red Queen. Shawna Dempsey plays the White Queen. No Shawna, I don’t think anyone really believes you’re racist. When we were shooting I made Lori say “Us Indian women, we love our men!” and she cracked up right after saying it. This was a fun video to make, and I got to live in Winnipeg for six weeks and hog time at Video Pool, I even got the building code. You know you’re a somebody when you get the building code.

This is what I was basing it on from my youth in the 80’s, along with the original by Lewis Carroll. Honestly, I was projecting a lot when I was six. I didn’t even know this sequence was originally about mathematics.

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