It’s funny, I could talk about where I am now but I doubt anyone would believe me. Anyway, these were some of my inspirations when I was eighteen and nineteen.

Bjork – Hunter

David Bowie (feat. Trent Reznor) I’m Afraid of Americans

Garbage – When I Grow Up

Public Image Ltd – Rise

Nowhere by Greg Araki
I watched this movie over and over, James Duvall plays an earnest video artist trying to survive the shallowness of LA. This is the Valley Girl scene. James Duvall is a sweet guy BTW.

Basquiat painting downtown circa 1981
This is when I started thinking more seriously about street art. Later on I also discovered Banksy and have been a fan since.

Jenny Holzer
“Abuse of power comes as no surprise”
A televised text. I was really interested in Jenny Holzer’s use of text as art.

Barbara Kruger
“You are not yourself”

The Smiths – How Soon Is Now
The funny thing about this song is it’s the opening for Charmed, which I watched over and over when I had nothing but a t.v. in Montreal. The dialogue always goes something like “I thought we vanquished the demon.” “No, we forgot our special book, and I don’t think your boyfriend is mortal, I think he’s a dark lord.” “Well do we have to vanquish him too?” “I don’t know I’ll go ask Piper.” Seriously!

The Heads – No Talking Just Head

Peggy Lee – Is That all there is?

Cindy Sherman
This is a fan’s tribute video to her.

Sarah Mclachlan – Sweet Surrender

Gran Fury

Barbara Kruger’s work today:

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