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Fireweed Fall/Winter 1997 “revolution girl style.”
Home on the Plains – prose
My Dog’s Piercing Intellect – cartoon
Untitled – (back cover) cartoon
“I was drawing this really righteous girl who was gorgeous and kicked butt and held deadly weapons, but the only part I could draw decently were her legs.
Realizing this would be seen as objectifying and fetishizing kick ass grrl legs, I decided to write this disclaimer.
The rest of her, although you can’t see it, is entirely fierce and intimidating, and instills in you a sense of empowerment, and hopefully will cause you to run amok in a fit of underage female N-R-GY. Yeah! You go girl!”

Lazy Bibliography (I didn’t feel like finding them all)

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Stills from “Untouchable,” photo response to Untouchable by Catherine Opie, “For and in conversation with Thirza.”

Transference, Tradition, Technology: Native new media exploring visual & digital culture.
“Thirza Cuthand” by Shawna Dempsey, originally published in Poolside.
“Indigenous Experimentation” by Victor Masayesva
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The Romance of Transgression in Canada
Queering Sexualities, Nations, Cinemas

By Thomas Waugh, Foreword by Bruce La Bruce
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Bio pg 397, Still from Working Baby Dyke Theory on pg 398 brief mention somewhere but I don’t feel like looking it up. This is actually like the yearbook I always wanted.

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