I told you!

Today France opened it’s UFO files to the public. And people were laughing at me! Laurel and I really did see some weird stuff in October, for three hours, which was terrifying. They seem to really like Saskatoon Saskatchewan and Dauphin Manitoba right now, at least the types we saw which were plasma craft type thingys. Thingys!!! Are they good, are they bad? I don’t know, probably about as bad as humans. Or as good. Depends.

They’re over Mexico City all the time too. I told you, we live on a strange planet with many unusual things. They come out of Water Hen lake all the time too. All the time! Okay, not constantly.

Anyway, this is a weird world. I think I need to go toddle off and find some happy things to occupy my time, my eyes are bleeding!!! Not literally though.

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