I have had little to no privacy my entire life. It is so frustrating, I’ll be doing something really weird and then someone walks in and I’m just like “Oh, I’m being weird, leave me alone.” But no one did want to leave me alone because they realized I was really weird. And then when I started falling in love I got REALLY weird, because I was like thinking of all kinds of cosmic possibilities and other people would just not get it at all. So frustrating. And especially if you happen to be a sexual minority who keeps getting spied on. Fucking hell, why do you want to know what I do in bed? What’s it to you? Isn’t the fact that I can love someone that much worth anything anymore?

So annoying. Man you guys are pervs, why do you want to know how I have sex? It’s not like many of you know how to actually apply that to real life, oh man! No one ever taught anyone any SM manners. What the hell. Now I hear topping from the bottom is frowned upon, well fucking hell, what if your top is an incompetent bloody mess who is getting everything wrong. Honestly! You can’t play with power if you’re not in love, it just looks stupid! I have met the dumbest tops in my life, so ridiculously clueless they shouldn’t even have been allowed to hold a banana peel. And then they’re always like “Oh, you’re not really a bottom.” No, I’m not an idiot is my point. You can’t skip grades! You just look like an asshole.

I’m happiest when people leave me alone; other wise, obviously, I start forming plans for world domination. When gifted teenagers tell you something like that you have to take it seriously!! It really doesn’t matter how old someone is. Everyone has a right to privacy. You don’t know why they need to be alone, maybe it isn’t because they feel fucked up, maybe it’s because everyone is fucked up towards them. And maybe I have also raised an entire generation completely conscious of hatred and bigotry.

And yet at the same time it didn’t feel that massive, I was just really into this ultra hard chess match with someone that was driving me crazy.

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