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This is me catching up on the news. I pretty much wore headphones my whole life. I’m listening to the Doors here. I also got into the Eurythmics not very long after. I think my mom was really confused by some of the things I did. I’d be singing “Love is a stranger in an open car” and my mum would be like “You can’t get into a car with a stranger!” And I’d be like, “oh I know, silly”, and then launch into a rendition of Sweet Dreams. Once I took a cd to school and found out it was completely age inappropriate, which was disappointing because the age appropriate music was boring. When Girls Just Want to Have Fun came out I think my mom was relieved because then she could channel me towards something more utopian feminist than BDSM roleplay romance.

But I have to say, Disney movies can be so boring, do you think women really just wait and wait and wait. No way man.

I used to write zen poetry as a child but nobody really got it. So I gave up, it was too damned symbolic. All about birds and reflections and the short and tragic life of a water bug.

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