Oh now come on!

Of all the role play scenarios in the world to eavesdrop on, why did you pick an interpretation of Revelations role play? Why not something simpler, like Alice in Wonderland? Or even more basic, like the lives of amoebas? Revelations just too ridiculously complex because it’s based on someone’s long complicated conversation with someone else about something deeply personal.

Why not try chess? Chess is a good starter. Or just having a conversation about something more than what Britney did to her hair or what could have pushed Anna Nicole Smith so far. Or maybe you should talk about that, because they have their own deep stories that no one’s scratched the surface of yet. Or maybe just work your ways through how fear has taken you certain places. Or ask why there are some things you don’t want to understand. Because right now you’ve been polarized for four years, doesn’t it suck! That is such a sucky feeling.

You dudes need serious aftercare man.

From Wikipedia:

In the context of the sexual practice of BDSM, aftercare is the process of attending to an s-type (submissive, slave, bottom, etc) after intense activities of a physical, and/or psychological nature relating to BDSM activities. Aftercare goes above and beyond any possible necessity to treat and/or clean wounds (contusions, abrasions, punctures, lacerations, etc) from bloodplay or other BDSM practices[citation needed]. Though of course these necessities mustn’t be overlooked.

After an intense “session”, an s-type may be incapable of, or have real difficulty, moving without assistance, or communicating their needs clearly, thus requiring another to provide for her/his care (blanket, hydration, cleanup, food, rest, etc)[citation needed]. These experiences can be (and usually are) exhausting, depleting the s-type’s internal resources (physical, mental, and/or emotional). As a result, frequently the s-type requires emotional support, comfort, reassurances, and/or physical tenderness. Along with this, he/she may experience everything from an exhilaration to traumatization (though every effort should be made to avoid the latter result, not “crossing the line” from sensory stress to actual damage and/or lingering unwanted effects to the s-type). It also includes a review or “debriefing” of the activities from experiences of both the D-type (Dominant, Master, Top, etc) and the s-type. How soon this should occur, after such a “session”, will vary, but should not be ignored, or omitted.

Submissives may report needing to be left alone or other means of processing the experience. While the desire to be left alone could stem from just needing rest, it could also result from she/he no longer feeling safe in the current environment/situation. The person in control of the event should always consider the wisdom of leaving alone a person in any state of exhaustion.

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