White Propaganda

I have no compunction about being the source of propaganda, but I am committed to truth as best as I know it, which means sometimes you can see me cycling through a thought.

The only bad things in lightness or darkness are when either of those poles has no emotions, no empathy. Empathy is our own personal moral compass. Sometimes people get angry with empathy and that looks funny. And sometimes empathy comes out in different ways according to what level you are at.

I guess, I’m at a different level now, and I like it. I don’t feel ashamed for exposing anything involving someone’s loss of life and liberty. You can’t keep that stuff private.

So I am into white propaganda. This is the definition of white propaganda:

“White propaganda is propaganda which truthfully states its origin. It is the most common type of propaganda. It is the opposite of black propaganda, which purports to come from the opposite side to that which actually produced it.”

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