Why polarized interpretations of Revelations doesn’t work

Okay dudes, seriously, this is why you don’t fuck around with the Revelations story.

It’s about two people in love who are switches. And they just keep changing back and forth, over thousands of years, playing with these funny little ideas. But if you take it seriously and keep those two people from playing it together in private, they do have the pull to start playing it out in the real world. It’s an argument, a private argument, and it looks silly because it involves all these dramatic symbols. But if someone were to snoop and get obsessed with that argument, you can get into serious shit. Especially if you try to have the argument yourselves, because you don’t know how to switch positions, which is important to understand the argument. You can’t possibly negotiate power if you always stay in one spot, because then it’s non-negotiable and you get stuck. Which is why forgiveness and apologies are important, because otherwise you’re always going to remain fixed in one position and you won’t realize when someone starts having to top you from the bottom or vice versa. Worse than that, if you stumble across someone else’s submissive and start fucking with them, then eventually you’re going to have to tangle with their dominant. And dominants hate when other people bother their stuff. And of course it can always switch back. You really don’t know who’s running the show when you deal with a couple who switches.

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