There’s this rewritten history okay. Like people assume that the Jews didn’t know that they were going to be gassed, like they just wandered into a shower room. They always knew. They knew what was happening to them. But they didn’t know how to stop it. Do you know what they did on their way to the gas chambers? They would start saying their prayer for their Messiah. All the way on the long walk they would sing that prayer. And they tore up all the money they had with them on the way so that it wouldn’t fall into the hands of the Nazis. All the way, tearing up their bills and calling for their Messiah.

Your messiahs have never left you, they have always been there going through the exact same thing. You just didn’t notice. And there isn’t just two, there are thousands of them right now, all wondering how the hell to stop it. They don’t tell you who they are because they know what happens to prophets in this day and age.

Once I had a dream I stole Paul Bernardo’s car. And I was driving around in this black Lexus and suddenly I was like “Fuck! Of all the cars to steal! He’s going to kill me.” And who knows, maybe he will, but what a way to go!

I know I seem disappointed in a lot of people, but really I do get it, I know how this whole thing works. And I don’t see anything wrong with power structures as long as people know what is up with them and how they can work properly. Otherwise you do end up with bizarre shit happening. I mean the walking dead and aliens! That is just outre. But whatever works man.

Life is beautiful okay, it is a stunningly gorgeous thing. And love is always beautiful, no matter who it is between. We’re all different, but that’s a cool thing, who would want us to be all exactly the same? That’s far too difficult. And people always make mistakes because people are faillable, that’s just part of the human condition.

And your children, pretty much all of them are gifted right now, which is why they’re acting all funny. I mean, they are here to heal their parents, that’s intense! And they keep being given all these drugs to stop acting oddly and people keep talking about what is age appropriate and you just don’t know anymore. Some of these kids are so ancient, you would not believe it.

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