Dream – 1992

I sometimes have prophetic kinds of dreams, and then sometimes they are just bizarre. I had this incredibly vivid dream when I was fourteen. In it I was walking in a wheat field with my then quite little cousin Sharlene when we came to this door just standing in the middle of nowhere. So of course we went in, and then there were two tunnels, and one was like, the good tunnel, and the other was the evil tunnel. And Sharlene of course jumped into the evil tunnel (this made sense later on when I saw our similarities). So I jumped in after her.

And we ended up in this really dark land, it was so eerie, but then at the same time we met these two women, and one was the “light” kind of woman and the other one was the “dark” woman (I mean like hardcore leather empress type person). But they weren’t fighting, in fact they said they quite liked each other and that they wanted me to tell people that the two could coexist just fine.

I also found out then I was supposed to be with the hardcore leather empress type person, which makes a lot of sense. Anyway, that gave me something to think about for a long time. Fourteen years actually. But yeah, I think two opposites can be perfectly happy together, whether that’s romantic or not. I do think you need to be empathic if you want to coexist though.

In fact I heard that the Koran says when Muhammad comes back he’ll be hanging out with Jesus. That’s the thing, Islam does incorporate elements of Christianity too, it’s silly to say Muslims hate Christians because they have Jesus in their book too, just with a smaller part. Likewise Christianity is rooted in Judaism, and Judaism has connections to Zoroastrianism. They’re all intertwined in various ways, all religions really. And even Revelations has a whole chakra thing written into it, I mean this stuff has deep connections everywhere. And while Mayans had safe sane consensual bloodletting, Christianity also has communion. So you can start to see some similarities there anyway.

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