This really was an art project

I really did do an experiment of willingly putting myself under surveillance to see what would happen. I guess we know. And I guess it’s funny, because now if anyone actually did pay attention to me then they are reacting based on the process of coming to terms with transgender identity, because honestly, this is what it looks like. That was what my positive disintegration was about. And I’m glad I was under surveillance, although a lot of what I said is collective unconscious stuff or else just things I have heard that I felt obligated to report. Is any of it true? Really, honestly, I think you should go find out for yourselves. And you don’t have to go all those places man, you can just pick your own route of transformation, which is cool. I merely needed to reflect the world, but it’s not my world is it? Because this world doesn’t like transfolks. Or doesn’t understand them, which may be more why I decided to go under surveillance. But I am ready to let it go, I’m only going to talk about things I find useful now. And I have lots of fun things in my future.

But other people are also transforming in their own ways, and they have some cool things to talk about. And I think they should talk about them here, because I like hearing about all kinds of stuff, not just trans issues. Although clearly trans issues show up here.

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